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h1. Completed Pre-Construction Meetings and Workshops

h2. Team Meetings

* *[*MRG Training*|WS:MRG Training]*, Oct 5-8, 2009 in San Diego. Trained the team on the MRG technologies planned for use in COI.

h2. Pilot Project and Community Engagement Meetings

* *[*OOI Science Prospectus*|]* (science context covered in Sections 1 & 2)
* *[*CI General Overview*|]*
* *[*OOI CI Architecture and Design Repository*|syseng:Architecture and Design]*
* [*CI General Overview*|]\*{color:#ff0000}outdated{color}
* *[*CI System of Systems Overview*|^IEEE-Oceans09_20090125-018.pdf]\*{color:#ff0000}outdated{color}
* *[*Day in the Life of a Science User - a Concept Of Operations*|]*
* *[*Life Cycle of an Instrument - a Concept of Operations*|]*
* *[*Integrated Observatory Application Architecture*|^IOA-AD-Candidate_CI_2008-10-28_ver_1-00.doc]\*{color:#ff0000}outdated{color}
* *[*Integrated Observatory Infrastructure Architecture*|^IOI-AD-Candidate_CI_2008-10-28_ver_1-00.doc]\*{color:#ff0000}outdated{color}