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This Product Description for Release 3 contains describes the intended functionality of the Integrated Observatory Network from user and system developer points of view. This scope is in addition to the [Release 2 scope|CIDev:Product Description Release 2]. For more information about the Product Description content, please see the [Product Description overview page|Product Description].

We present a table containing the [Release 3 Use Cases]. The list of previous use cases can be found in the [Release 1 Product Description|CIDev:Product Description Release 1] and [Release 2 Use Cases temp].

There will not be Acceptance Scenarios developed for Release 3; their content is addressed by the Release 3 Use Cases, and the [Acceptance Scenarios previously developed for Release 2|Release 2 Acceptance Scenarios].

*Previously Released*
* [Release 2 Use Cases temp]
* [Release 2 Acceptance Scenarios]