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John indicates that he can take a crack at the comments Holly made in regard to the Confluence page.  Holly agrees that we cannot necessarily address comments - but that comments should be forward-looking.  It will be hard to manage the negative, non-productive comments.  Holly would like to see moderation - [moderation|^The New York Times > Member Center > Site Help > Frequently Asked Questions About Comments.pdf] \- Mark agrees that moderation is necessary for all aspects of the site.  Quick response to negative comments is very important.  Someone must have that as their job - to keep those in check.  Matthew would like this to be one (an important one) in the set of web tools ready for FDR.  Commentary should not be available until after FDR.  Holly asks Matthew and Mark if they envision that we would demo something at FDR?  Yes - this would be the electronic blueprint to provide support documents at the FDR.  Through use - the very things we talk about providing the end community is provided to the panel.  This remains the case until we know we have MREFC funds.  Holly is comfortable with the strategy.  The CI is working towards having all of this deployed on Amazon rather than our own computers - to show them that we are using the Cloud as we plan to do for the OOI. 

Mark and John need to discuss this - and Rita will set up the conversation after IFDR.  We can do all the packaging in operations for getting it there.  Matthew understands that he is leaving a lot open - and that will be discussed at this meeting.  Cheryl asks how images should be provided?  Send the highest resolution images as files if possible.  What are the important parts of the image.  Matthew would like to see Confluence used as an exchange of content location.  Alfresco is our chosen authorship and approval management system.  Mark's is nearly at this point - but needs approval prior to publishing.  Holly sees that many of these topics (moderating, etc.) should be discussed in the future to determine how we are going to do these.  Deb asks if this is a requirement from NSF?  Holly states that it is not for this program - but this is the right thing to do.  Everyone agrees that we are resource limited - and the budget would have to include management for these items (if we can afford to implement some or all of them).  Holly isn't going to ask them - as we are a bit further along than they are.