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924 update; due for completion on Oct 10, Anthony will follow up with Matthew.

3.       Removal of non-OOI folders. includes Data Dictionary, Guest Home, Sites, User Home. Remove, relocate or hide the four folders/spaces. Tom, next week.
924 update; data dictionary and guest home can be hidden for standard users, admin users will still see them.

924 update; done

5.       No write access again. Tom explained the reloading of Alfresco may have cleared previous access. Long term is to use the common logon being used by Confluence. Short term Anthony will provide group names with members and two levels of access. Anthony will provide the long term list of groups and access characteristics to Tom. COB Monday.
924 update; 5,6,10. anthony will provide 5 groups and roles associated with each group. Primary group management will be performed in Confluence and imported to alfresco, with a refresh rate of once per hour.

   5.       FDR Panel, View, Download

6.       Ensure SE access and explanation of shared resource login. Anthony will assume this item as part of number 5.
924 update; see 5