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* [Presentation|^OOICI_Overview_2009-05-14_ver_1-01.pdf] "Ocean Observatories Initiative Cyberinfratructure Overview"
* [Paper|CIDev:CI Background Technical Materials^IEEE-Oceans09_20090125-018.pdf] "Cyberinfrastructure for the US Ocean Observatories Initiative: Enabling Interactive Observation in the Ocean" (IEEE Oceans 2009, Bremen)
* [Paper|^Oceans09_090601-019_Messaging.pdf] "Integrating Marine Observatories into a System-of-Systems: Messaging in the US Ocean Observatories Initiative" (IEEE/MTS Oceans 2009, Biloxi)
* [Paper|^Oceans09_090613-010_Cloud.pdf] "Serving Ocean Model Data on the Cloud" (IEEE/MTS Oceans 2009, Biloxi)
* [Agents and Communities Whitepaper|CIDev:Agent CN Iteration4^OOI-Kohei_CollaborationProposal_20090821_v1-00.doc] (M. Singh)
* Integrated Observatory Applications, FDR Version Oct-2009 ([pdf|CIDev:CI Background Technical Materials^2130-00001_Integrated_Observatory_Applications_AD_CI.pdf])
* Integrated Observatory Infrastructure, FDR Version Oct-2009 ([pdf|CIDev:CI Background Technical Materials^2130-00002_Integrated_Observatory_Infrastructure_AD_CI.pdf])
* CI Annual Work Plan, see sections 4.2 - 4.4 ([pdf|^1001-00100_Annual_Work_Plan_OOI_2009-09-01_ver_3-00_CI_only.pdf])

See also CI Development [Background Materials page|CIDev:CI Background Technical Materials].