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* [COI Architecture Document|CIDev:Background Materials^2430-00001_Common_Operating_Infrastructure_AD_CI.pdf] (FDR version). The integration of the individual COI DoDAF products from the FDR preparation into one uniform architecture document.
* [Integrated Observatory Infrastructure Architecture Document|CIDev:Background Materials^2130-00002_Integrated_Observatory_Infrastructure_AD_CI.pdf] (FDR Version). Integration of all three infrastructure subsystems. Abbreviated version of the COI AD together with CEI and DM
* [CI Technology Catalog|syseng:CIAD TV Technology Catalog] (evolving based on FDR state)
* Agent Contract Network prototype [Overview|CIDev:Agent Contract Network] and [Deliverables|CIDev:Agent Contract Network CONSOLIDATED]. Research and prototyping of contracts and commitments in the context of entities(agents) within resources, as a basis for governance.
* Pilot prototypes: [Overview|CIDev:Prototyping] and [Integration|CIDev:Prototype Integration] page.