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| *[*Data Process Repository*|WS:SA-service4|SA team notes & comments page]* \\ | The data processes that are being registered in the repository will need to be translated and described in the terms of the common data and metadata format. \\ | (x) | The data process service will have to notify the data catalog of the semantics of the data that is generated by the data processes. \\ | (x) | Any data processing in the elastic cloud will have to be described in the data process repository. \\ | Most processes that are operating and are registered in the repository will certainly be tracked by the execution engine. \\ | Any resources associated with data processes will have to be managed and so must describe the capabilities of the data process so that it can be managed by the resource manager \\ | A data process that is in the repository will have gone through the enrollment phase of the federated facility. \\ | All interactions for the Data Process Repository service with other systems will be through the messaging service. | The state model for the processes in the repository must be registered with the state manager so that it can track data process state. \\ | (x) | If there are any data process specific policies, those must be represented in the correct form and enforced in the policy service. \\ | The data process repository will build up from the resource catalog. \\ |
| *[*Data Acquisition*|WS:SA-service5|SA team notes & comments page]* | The data that is acquired by this service must be described (translated) into the common data and metadata forms. \\ | All data acquired will be put into the data exchange. \\ | The description of the data that is acquired must be stored in the data catalog. \\ | The historical data that was acquired will be available through the persistent archival service. \\ | (x)\\ | (x) | The data acquisition process will need to be managed as a resource. \\ | (x)\\ | All interactions for Data Acquisition service (including data acquired) will be through the messaging service. | (x) | The acquired data will have to be tagged with an identity. \\ | (x)\\ | The data acquisition process as well as the end data products will have to be registered in the catalog \\ |
[Task List|] ([PDF Version|S&A Service Task List Refinement for Release 1^Sensing%20and%20Acquisition%20Task%20List%20R1.pdf])
[Task List|] ([PDF Version|Task List Refinement for Release 1 Sensing and Acquisition Services^Sensing%20and%20Acquisition%20Task%20List%20R1.pdf])