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{info}The Ocean Observatories Initiative Network (OOINet) is a national infrastructure that makes ocean data from many observing systems available to everyone, from scientists and researchers to teachers, students, and the interested public. Data are available through a web interface with tools to help locate, learn about, evaluate, and download ocean data.{info}
* Browsing and data downloading are available to guests but for more advanced functionality, go to [CIUserDoc:Create an OOINet Account|].
* Assignments, edits, and removal of resources require access privileges, go to [CIUserDoc:Establish User Role & Access Permissions] for details.
* See [Users Roles|CIUserDoc:User Roles] for a list of available roles.

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_Listed below are the explanations of the User Documentation and an introductory look at the OOINet functionality._
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{panel:title=OOIN Beta {panel:title=OOINet System Status|borderColor=#003366|titleBGColor=#DAEAF7|bgColor=#ffffff}
| !status-ok.png! | \\ *Beta System is Available* \\
Shut downs for maintenance will be listed here. |

{hidden-data}Further functionality to be implemented, Monday, Mmm dd.\|
| \\ !status-off.png! | \\ *Beta System is Not Available* \\
Maintenance and additional functionality being implemented, in progress until further notice. |{hidden-data}

{panel:title=OOIN Beta {panel:title=OOINet Release Notes|borderColor=#003366|titleBGColor=#DAEAF7|bgColor=#ffffff}
| [User Interface Release Notes |]\\
[Services Release Notes |] |
{panel:title=Documentation Status|borderStyle=none|borderColor=#003366|titleBGColor=#DDDDDD|bgColor=#ffffff}{panel}
_{excerpt}The user documentation includes descriptions of current and upcoming functionality in Release 2 of OOINet.{excerpt} Some pages show a current screenshot from the system others display a mockup of design that is in the process of being implemented. Pages will be updated as system evolves.\_

{hidden-data}See the [Release 2 Objects and Features Quick Reference Guide|An Introduction to OOINet^CI_R2_Objects_Features.pdf|||||||\||] for an overview of features and releases.

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