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* [An Introduction to OOIN]et
* [Tour the OOINet Interface|Tour the OOIN Interface]
* [CIUserDoc:Browsing and Navigating]
* [CIUserDoc:Searching]
* [CIUserDoc:Sorting and Filtering]
* [Create an OOINet Account|Create an OOIN Account]
* [CIUserDoc:Account Sign In, Sign Out, and Edits]
* [CIUserDoc:User Roles]

h5. Get Started Accessing the OOINet System (

# The [Introduction|An Introduction to OOIN] explains the main terms used in OOINet.
# The [Tour|Tour the OOIN Interface] shows the main views and initial exploration of the OOINet interface.
# The Map and Resource views of the Dashboard allow for [CIUserDoc:Browsing and Navigating] through the system. The navigation area is available on the far upper left of every screen.
# [CIUserDoc:Searching] is one of the fastest ways to locate resources of interest. The simple and advanced search tools are located in the upper left of any screen.
# [CIUserDoc:Sorting and Filtering] functions are available on every table to allow for ease of viewing and limiting of results to a manageable and useful set.
# Simple exploring and data viewing in OOINet is available as a Guest. [Account Creation|Create an OOIN Account] allows the user to enroll in a facility, subscribe to events, and gain operator roles.
# Once an account is setup, the process of signing in and out and checking or editing the user account settings are available functions, detailed in the [CIUserDoc:Account Sign In, Sign Out, and Edits] page.
# Learn about the [CIUserDoc:User Roles] available in OOINet and what activities are permitted to various roles through the internal policies in place.
# Steps for [Establishing User Roles and gaining Access Permissions|CIUserDoc:Establish User Role & Access Permissions] allow for the operation and management of OOINet resources.