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tells the agent which of the four aggregate status' this alert applies to. Late data warning is applied to the comms status so if last_data_warning is yellow then comms status will be at least yellow. The aggregate status shows the highest level of any alert that is applied to it \\
*NOTE:*  The AggregateStatusType values correspond to the following status indicators on a resource's facepage:  \\
AGGREGATE_COMMS=1      =>   Communications     !|border=1!\\
AGGREGATE_DATA=2           =>   Data Flow               !|border=1!\\
AGGREGATE_LOCATION=3   =>   Location                !|border=1!\\
AGGREGATE_POWER=4        =>   Power                   !|border=1! |
| alert_class | There are currently only a few alert classes. \\
  \--  LateDataAlert - specifically to check for the delta between arriving granules. \\