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OOI CI Project Kick-Off Meeting: September 9-11, 2009

We will be kicking off the MREFC (Construction) phase of NSF's Ocean Observatories Initiative Cyberinfrastructure project (OOI CI). We are holding a two-and-a-half day team-wide kickoff meeting in Colorado to initiate this effort. This page contains the information you'll need to attend the OOI CI Kick-Off meeting.



Day 1 (Wednesday 9/9)

   Time    Presenter / Moderator Topic and Location (Ranch Map)
  7:30 a Breakfast Buffet Heck's Tavern
  8:30 a Frank Vernon Welcome     Broad Axe Barn
  Meeting objectives • strategy for the day
  8:40 a   Ocean Observatories Science Visions PDF MOV [4:22 | 25mb]
  John Orcutt Climate Change MOV [20:25 | 116mb]
  Oscar Schofield Science - Stakeholder View (Program Vision) MOV [24:54 | 145mb]
    Advanced Science and Technologies in the Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSE) 
  Yi Chao   Observing System Data Integration and Presentation MOV [2:37 | 14.4mb]
  Steve Chien, David Thompson   Observation Planning and Autonomous Mission Execution MOV [9:14 | 50.7mb]
  Arjuna Balasuriya   Autonomous Marine Sensing and Control MOV [9:51 | 56mb]
  Michael Meisinger   Integration Infrastructure MOV [11:31 | 63mb]
  9:55 a    Group Leads Introductions of Groups and Participants
10:10 a Break  
10:25 a Matthew Arrott Programmatics Overview PDF MOV [23:33 | 132mb]
Project Structure • Team Structure •
Execution Plan • Schedules and Dependencies •
Spiral Development Process • System Engineering Process
10:40 a Michael Meisinger Architectural Overview PDF (video above)
10:50 a
Ingolf Krueger
Architecture Review Context PDF MOV [4:49] | 26.8mb]
11:00 a    Breakout Leads Architecture Discussion Session 1 (Presentations and Discussion)
Breakout A: Outreach and Education
Breakout B: Data Management (DM) - PDF MOV [45:45 | 253.1mb]
Breakout C: Common Operating Infrastructure (COI) - PDF
12:30 p Lunch Heck's Tavern
  1:30 p    Breakout Leads Architecture Discussion Session 2 (Presentations and Discussion)
Breakout A: Outreach and Education
Breakout B: Sensing and Acquisition (SA) - PDF
Breakout C: Common Execution Infrastructure (CEI) - PDF
  3:15 p Break Broad Axe Barn
  3:30 p    Breakout Leads Report Preparation / Team Environment
Breakout A/B/C Reviewers: Analysis/Reporting
  4:30 p   Panel Reports: Summaries, Issues, Questions MOV [23:43 | 129.3mb]  |
Day One Discussion Opportunity and Goals for Day Two MOV [17:17 | 96mb]
  5:30 p Meeting Adjourned

  6:30 p Group Dinner BBQ Tent

Day 2 (Thursday 9/10)

   Time    Presenter / Moderator Topic and Location
  7:00 a Breakfast Buffett Heck's Tavern
  8:00 a   Day One Wrap Up    Broad Axe Barn
  Responses to open issues of day 1
  8:20 a Michael Meisinger Day Two Introduction: Risk Mitigation Prototypes
  Goals • Development Processes PDF - Prototyping summary page MOV [31:57 | 179mb]
  8:40 a    Prototype Leads Prototypes Session 1: Applications - Overview presentations  MOV [17:43 | 95.9mb]
  9:10 a    Prototype Teams
Demo and poster session
  Randy Butler   Sensors Prototype with the Observatory Middleware Framework Project   SA,COI  - Poster
  Juan Reyes
  Science Data Stream Processing with SQLstream   SA,AS
  Yi Chao, David Thompson, Arjuna Balasuriya   Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSE)   PP,AS,DM  - Poster
  Rich Signell
  Science Data Interoperability Support with the Data Exchange   DM  - Poster
  John Graybeal   Semantic Framework Integration   DM
  Bill Howe
  Visualization Pipeline and Workflows for Unstructured Gridded Data   AS
10:00 a   Break  
10:15 a   Prototype Leads 
Prototypes Session 2: Infrastructure - Overview presentations
10:40 a   Prototype Teams
Demo and poster session  MOV [14:00 | 75.6mb]
  Claudiu Farcas, Paul Hubbard   Data Exchange Architecture and Technologies  DM,COI  - Poster
  Dorian Raymer, Michael Meisinger
  Messaging Service Adapter, AMQP Broker and Distributed IPC Facility (DIF)   COI
  Alex Clemesha, David LaBissoniere   Cloud Provisioning Environment   CEI  - Poster
  Thomas Im, Brian Dunne
  Development, Operations and Management of Virtualized Resources in the Cloud   COI,CEI
  Munindar Singh, Kartik Tadanki   Agent Contract Network   COI  - Poster
  Von Welch
  NCSA Security Infrastructure CIlogon   COI  - Poster
  Danny Rohrlick
  Ocean Observing Education XBOX game   EPE
11:45 a   Charge for Release-1 Work Assessments
12:00 p Lunch Heck's Tavern
  1:00 p    Breakout Leads Release-1 Work Assessments
Break into groups, one per subsystem
Sensing and Acquisition • Data Management •
Common Operating Infrastructure • Common Execution Infrastructure
  2:45 p Break Broad Axe Barn
  3:00 p    Breakout Leads Release-1 Work Assessments, continued
  4:15 p
  Breakout Leads Breakout Reports: Issues, Dependencies, Questions MOV [27:41 | 156.2mb]
Day Two Discussion Opportunity and Goals for Day Three
  5:00 p Meeting Adjourned  
  Dinner on your own Heck's Tavern:
Hours 5:00pm-10:00pm 
(Reservations Recommended for large parties 6-more)

Ranch House Restaurant:
Hours 5:00pm-10:00pm
(Reservations Recommended)

Day 3 (Friday 9/11)

   Time    Presenter / Moderator Topic and Location
  7:30 a Breakfast Buffet Heck's Tavern
  8:00 a
Day Two Wrap Up     Broad Axe Barn
   Responses to open issues of day 2
  8:15 a Alan Chave & Jack Kleinert
Project Management MOV [23:26 | 130.9mb]
System Engineering Process Overview PDF MOV [44:21 | 244.4mb]
Quality Assurance MOV [17:03 | 98.8mb]
  9:45 a Teresa Allen Timekeeping and Contracting
10:15 a Matthew Arrott Q&A • Discussion
10:30 a Breakouts Team Meetings
Coordination discussions among teams as needed
11:00 a   Discussion: Open Tasks and Issues
11:20 a Matthew Arrott Concluding Remarks
11:30 p Meeting Adjourned  

Possible Other Topics

Developers Breakout: Collaboration, Development and System Engineering Tools

Preparation Materials and Templates

  • Presentation "Ocean Observatories Initiative Cyberinfratructure Overview"
  • Paper "Cyberinfrastructure for the US Ocean Observatories Initiative: Enabling Interactive Observation in the Ocean" (IEEE Oceans 2009, Bremen)
  • Paper "Integrating Marine Observatories into a System-of-Systems: Messaging in the US Ocean Observatories Initiative" (IEEE/MTS Oceans 2009, Biloxi)
  • Paper "Serving Ocean Model Data on the Cloud" (IEEE/MTS Oceans 2009, Biloxi)
  • Agents and Communities Whitepaper (M. Singh)
  • Integrated Observatory Applications, FDR Version Oct-2009 (pdf)
  • Integrated Observatory Infrastructure, FDR Version Oct-2009 (pdf)
  • CI Annual Work Plan, see sections 4.2 - 4.4 (pdf)

See also CI Development Background Materials page.


Presentations and Workshop Materials

Presentations in PDF are linked from the agenda above; these and many presentations in native format are visible from the Attachments page.  Video of the presentations are available as QuickTime movie downloads. 

Workshop Results

Will be summarized after the workshop is over.

See also selected workshop session notes and other materials for CI participants.

Logistics and Reimbursement

The meeting will be held at the Devil's Thumb Ranch, 3530 County Road 83, Tabernash, CO 80478, local Tel: 800-933-4339. Driving instructions and maps are available here, but they won't be necessary, as most of you will take the pre-arranged shuttles as detailed below.   The meeting will begin at 0830 on Sept 9 and end at 1200 on Sept 11.  Breakfast will be provided Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, lunch on Wednesday and Thursday, and dinner on Wednesday. NOTE: The ranch has two restaurants and you can take food from them to your room should you desire.  However, the ranch does NOT have room service.  So please plan accordingly.  The Ranch has reliable wifi (not extremely robust, but if we don't all hit it at the same time, we sould be okay) - so you'll remain connected to the outside world.

The cost of airline tickets, ground transportation, and meals (not covered during meeting) will be expensed through Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).  Allowable costs include airfare (economy class on US air carriers only), meals not covered @ $57/day ($10-breakfast/$17-lunch/$30-dinner, no alcoholic beverages), and ground transportation costs.  If any non meal expense exceeds $24.99, a receipt must be provided.  Karen Schwamb ( at WHOI will process the necessary authorizations and vouchers, but will need all receipts sent by mail reasonably quickly after the event.  Be good to Karen!  She's going to process all our reimbursements without the benefit of attending this fine event!  So send your receipts promptly (we'll provide pre-addressed envelopes at the meeting) to:

Karen Schwamb / Administrative Associate
Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Department
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
266 Woods Hole Rd., MS 7
Woods Hole, MA  02543
Telephone:  508-289-2675 / Fax:  508-457-2006

All participants should make their own airline arrangements and (if you haven't already) forward flight itineraries to Paul Dean ( and Rita Bauer (  Paul and Rita are also taking care of room reservations and payment (via WHOI) at a discounted rate of $185 per night.   For travelers flying into Denver International Airport, Paul is arranging for shuttles to get you to Devil's Thumb Ranch.  If you haven't already, please let him know if you will be driving yourself.  The shuttle schedules are available here (arrival and departure).  Please print these and have them with you for reference while traveling.  If you have any problems finding or making your shuttle, contact Paul (667.755.1147) or Rita (760.735.8474) to determine your next best alternative.

If you have questions or concerns regarding items we have or have not covered here, please contact Paul Dean ( or Rita Bauer ( at UCSD.

Paul Dean
Assistant Program Coordinator
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
9500 Gilman Drive.
La Jolla, CA 92093-0436
Telephone:  858-822-0878 / Fax:  858-822-4633

Rita Bauer
Special Projects Coordinator
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0225
Telephone: 858-822-2946 / Fax: 858-822-3372

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