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Technical Support - Helpdesk number/email contact

The OOI helpdesk is set up with two options:

  1. EMAIL:
  2. Toll free telephone number: 855-679-7653

Requests are logged into Jira as a trouble ticket, either manually for phone calls
or automatically via the helpdesk email address above.

Responses to requests are generally within normal working hours,
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Pacific time.

If requests are critical (i.e. an instrument has broken loose),
every effort will be taken to respond quickly.

To better serve the requester, please include the following in the email,

  • a concise issue summary in the subject line that will serve as the issue title
  • a description of the issue in the body
  • helpful additions include
    • listing the operating system and browser with version used
    • the best way and information to contact the requester.
    • attachments to the email will also link to the issue in Jira
    • screen shots can be a useful way to convey the issue encountered
  • suitable descriptive information may include
    • the page, resource, and/or content block where the issue was encountered
    • any action under taken if pertinent.

Report an Issue

For automatic email to be sent, the user must have their computer formatted for outgoing mail messages, e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Outlook.

On each resource page in the upper right action menu, there is a Report Issue option in the drop down for signed in users.

Clicking on it should open an email message with information from the current resource already populated.


Track an Issue

Whether the user instigates the email themselves or the email is part of a report issue action, the issue can be tracked either via email traffic (available to any user) or directly within Jira (available to OOI participants with Jira access credentials).

Via Email

Once a helpdesk ticket is instigated an automatic email reply from Jira will be generated to alert user of the ticket number and other details.

As a reporter of the issue further comments, updates, and resolutions to the issue will continue to be delivered via email with a similar format as seen at the right, allowing for the continued tracking of the issue.

The user can reply to any of the Jira emails for a given issue and the body of the user's reply is logged in the comment section. In addition, attachments to the email are also added to the issue. Note that the return address should look similar to the following, Name (JIRA) <> and make sure to retain the subject line information.

Via Jira

Helpdesk tickets and reported issues can also be tracked directly in Jira using the Jira ticket key. Alternately, the Resource ID or Issue ID can be searched on within Jira to locate the issue in that manner.

The resource and issue identification numbers are included in the automatic email reply from Jira or can be found in the Recent Events tab of the resource for the posted event.

The email example at right can be located via:
Jira Key: OOICS-1800
RESOURCE ID: ab1d44caafea4fea93ca28b51855a893
ISSUE ID: a9f3f2c1-40f5-4295-a99d-2c9be8dfb534

For more information on using Jira, see

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