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h1. OOI Cyberinfrastructure Meetings and Workshops (2009)

h2. Subsystems Requirements and Planning Teams

Integrated Product Teams, or IPTs, are reviewing the requirements and tasks identified for each subsystem in Release I. Visit these pages to see activities and products associated with the finalization of the requirements for this Release.
* [Common Operating Infrastructure Requirements|COI Requirements]
* [Common Execution Infrastructure Requirements|CEI Requirements]
* [Sensing and Acquisition Requirements|SA Requirements] (includes instrument integration)
* [Data Management Requirements|DM Requirements]

h2. Completed Pre-Construction Meetings and Workshops

h3. Team Meetings

* *[*CI Kick-off Meeting*|CI Project Kick-Off Meeting]*, Sept 9-11, 2009 in Colorado. Kicked off the construction of the OOI CI, with context, subsystem and prototype presentations, and initial team reviews of requirements.
* *[*MRG Training*|WS:MRG Training]*, Oct 5-8, 2009 in San Diego. Trained the team on the MRG technologies planned for use in COI.

h3. Pilot Project and Community Engagement Meetings

* [*OSSE Integration and Numerical Modeling Meeting*|CIDev:OSSE and Modelers Meeting] at Rutgers University, April 28-29, 2009

h1. Requirements and Design Workshops (2007-2008)

The OOI Cyberinfrastructure Implementing Organization is responsible for requirements elicitation, and requirements to high level OOI goals tracing as relevant for the CI. Requirements elicitation is conducted in close collaboration with the respective user communities, both on the scientific and operator side of the CI. The format for such these community engagements are OOI CI requirements workshops. Goal of these workshops is to elicit CI relevant user and operator requirements through direct interaction with the community. The workshops are also an important community outreach means. CI system and subsystem design is carried in collaboration with the observatory IOs and subsystem implementing partners. Design activities involve high level design and requirements to design tracing.

h2. User Practices & Requirement Elicitation Workshops

* [*First Ocean Modeling Requirements Workshop*|First Numerical Modeling Requirements Workshop] (RWS1), East Coast Modeling Community at Rutgers University, July 23-24, 2007
* *[*Second Ocean Modeling Requirements Workshop*|Second Numerical Modeling Requirements Workshop]* (RWS2), West Coast Modeling Community at Calit2, UC San Diego, January 23-24, 2008
* [*Ocean Observing Programs Requirements Workshop*|RWS-OOP] (OOP), at WHOI in Woods Hole, MA, May 13-14, 2008
* [*Data Product Generation Requirements Workshop*|RWS-DPG] (DPG), at Calit2 in La Jolla, CA, May 20-21, 2008
* [*Integrated Observatory Management Requirements Workshop*|RWS-IOM] (IOM), at SIO in La Jolla, CA, May 28-29, 2008
* [*Education and Public Engagement Requirements Workshop*|RWS-EPE] (EPE), in Portland, OR, June 16-17, 2008

h2. System Design & Architecture Specification Workshops

* [*CI Design Workshop*|Design Workshop], at Calit2, UC San Diego, October 17-19, 2007
* [*Common Operating Infrastructure Architecture Specification Workshop*|COI FDR Kickoff Workshop], at Calit2 in La Jolla, CA, May 22-23, 2008
* [*Data Management Architecture Specification Workshop*|ASWS-DM], at Calit2 in La Jolla, CA, June 30-July 1, 2008
* [*Common Execution Infrastructure Architecture Specification Workshop*|OOI CI Cloud Computing Strategy Meeting], at CohesiveFT, Chicago, July 22, 2008.
* [*Sensing and Acquisition and Instrument Integration Architecture Specification Workshop*|ASWS-SA], at Calit2 in La Jolla, CA, August 5-7, 2008
* *[*User Applications Architecture Specification Workshop*|ASWS-UA]*, at Calit2 in La Jolla, CA, August 11-12, 2008
* [*Requirements Management Process and DOORS Training*|DOORS Training] at Calit2, UC San Diego, March 26-27, 2008


h3. Workshop Organization

In order to keep the results comparable, workshops are conducted according to a standard process. Activities and result products follow standard templates.
* Standard workshop page template: [Requirements Workshop Template]
* Requirements Workshop Process: [Requirements Workshop Process] 

h2. Results & Background Material

h3. Requirements workshop outcome reports:

* *[*First Ocean Modeling Requirements Workshop Report (final, 11/8/07)*|First Numerical Modeling Requirements Workshop^OOI-CI-ReqWS1-Report-FINAL.pdf]*
* *[Second Ocean Modeling Requirements Workshop Report (final, 5/9/08)|^OOI-CI-ReqWS2-Report.pdf]*
* *[*Ocean Observing Program Requirements Workshop Report (final, 10/3/08)*|RWS-OOP^OOI-CI-ReqWS3-OOP-Report-FINAL.pdf]*
* *[*Data Product Generation Requirements Workshop Report (final, 10/3/08)*|RWS-DPG^OOI-CI-ReqWS4-DPG-Report-FINAL.pdf]*
* *[*Integrated Observatory Management Requirements Workshop Report (final, 10/3/08)*|RWS-IOM^OOI-CI-ReqWS5-IOM-Report-FINAL.pdf]*
* *[*Education and Public Engagement Requirements Workshop Report (final, 10/3/08)*|RWS-EPE^OOI-CI-ReqWS6-EPE-Report-FINAL.pdf]*
* *[*OOI Cyber User Requirements DOORS Export (candidate, 8/5/08)*|^2008-08-04-User-Requirements-Export.pdf]*

h3. OOI Science and Design Context:

* *[*OOI Science Prospectus*|]* (science context covered in Sections 1 & 2)
* *[*OOI CI Architecture and Design Repository*|syseng:Architecture and Design]*
* [*CI General Overview*|] {color:#ff0000}outdated{color}
* [*CI System of Systems Overview*|^IEEE-Oceans09_20090125-018.pdf] {color:#ff0000}outdated{color}
* *[*Day in the Life of a Science User - a Concept Of Operations*|]*
* *[*Life Cycle of an Instrument - a Concept of Operations*|]*
* [*Integrated Observatory Application Architecture*|^IOA-AD-Candidate_CI_2008-10-28_ver_1-00.doc] {color:#ff0000}outdated{color}
* [*Integrated Observatory Infrastructure Architecture*|^IOI-AD-Candidate_CI_2008-10-28_ver_1-00.doc] {color:#ff0000}outdated{color}