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h1. Welcome to the OOI Confluence Site\!

The information presented on this page will hopefully make your use of the OOI Confluence Site easier and more successful.  To continue viewing this text while also viewing the images discussed below, we recommend you open the OOI Confluence site again (in another browser window) and rather than just clicking on the links described below, right click on the link and select "open link in new window" or "open link in new tab".

h2. Where to begin? 

{color:#000000}When you first access{color} {color:#000000}[]{color}{color:#000000}, you will see the DASHBOARD which serves as the homepage for Confluence. The Dashboard provides access to spaces that are available to you and provides links to tools that allow you to create a space, manage groups and browse the user directory.  If you have not logged in, you will be limited to accessing spaces that have been made public.{color}

To login:  Click Log In (in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard) - enter your user name and password. 

The Dashboard should now list all of the spaces to which you have access as well as the aforementioned tools, which include:

h4. Create a space

The _Create a space_ link permits you to create spaces by:
# Entering a space name - this should be a sufficiently descriptive name for users to know what information the space contains - or to whom the collaboration is directed
# Entering a space key - three letters to create a quick link
# Checking the "Create Working Group Space" (Choose this option if this is a collaborative space for your team) *
# Establishing space permissions (can be modified or customized once the space is created)
# Choosing a theme
# Click OK to create your space

\* A working group space creates a user group that will be associated with your space and a mailing list in the form of for your working group.  You can add members to your working group using the Group Management Tool found on the Dashboard. 

h4. People Directory

This link permits you to browse users and their personal spaces

h4. Group Management Tools

This link permits you to join or leave groups and to add/remove members from the groups you create/manage.

h2. What's in a Space? 

A space contains content (pages, attachments, calendars, etc) related to your subject or collaborative team (working group). 

Each space starts with a HOME page that is used as an overview page for the space.  The left column of the HOME page (in the default layout) contains:

h4. Page Operations (visible only if you are the page manager or your permissions are set for editing rights)

*View* \- standard setting when viewing the page
*Edit* \- puts the page into edit mode and permits user to edit or add content
*Attachments* \- permits user to attach documents which can then be linked to pages within this space
*Info* \- Basic information about page usage

h4. Browse Space - while other subcategories are available here - this page will only speak to:

*Pages* \- lists all of the pages created within this space
*Space Admin* \- permits management of Space Operations, _Security_, Mail, Look and Feel, and Import.
_Security_ permits management of Permissions - where the space manager can modify the individual or group permissions for this page.  The space manager can also add users or user groups to the page in this location.

h4. Add Content

This is where you will find the links that permit you to add a page or add news. 

Working group spaces contain pre-established CHILDREN pages for *Calendar*, *Members*, and *Notes*.  These are fairly self explanatory - but if you run into problems - or wish to manage these spaces at a higher level of functionality, feel free to contact should you have questions or need assistance.

For a more detailed overview of Confluence's features, please refer to the Confluence User Guide:

h4. Other Key Links:

*Alfresco*: (Note: bookmark this page:

*SAF/Project Management Portal:*


*OOI on WebEx:*