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{info}This page provides an entry point to documentation and support materials for the CI System Engineering --- the technical management processes --- for the OOI CI construction. This includes requirements engineering, risk and opportunity management, configuration management, construction plans and the OOI CI system architecture and design specification.{info}

h2. CI System Engineering Process

h3. Engineering Process and Methodology

* [CI System Engineering Methodology]
* [CI Reporting Processes]
* [CI Process Asset Library|CI Process Asset Library]
* [Configuration Management]
* [Risk & Opportunity Management|MAN:Risk Management Board (RMB)] (must be member of CI management team)
* [Requirements Management|syseng:CI Requirements]
* [Verification Procedures and Reports|syseng:Verification Procedures and Reports]

h3. Spiral Development Process Milestone Reviews

* [syseng:Release Entry Criteria]
* [CI Milestone Reviews Overview|CI Milestone Reviews-Process Description] (LCO, LCA, IOC, Release)
* Upcoming Reviews
** Release 3 [ION LCO|Release 3 LCO Review]
** Instrument Development Kit IOC
** Test Readiness Review
* Held Reviews
** Release 1: *[ION LCO|Release 1 LCO Review]* --- *[ION LCA|Release 1 LCA Review]* --- *[IPA LCA|syseng:Release 1 IPA mini-LCA]* --- *[EOI LCA|syseng:Release 1 EOI mini-LCA]* --- *[CyberPoP LCA|syseng:Mini-LCA CyberPoP Review]* --- *[ION IOC|syseng:Release 1 IOC Review]* --- *[ION PRR|Release 1 PRR and Release 2 LCO Review]*
** Release 2: *[ION LCO|Release 1 PRR and Release 2 LCO Review]* --- *[ION LCA|Release 2 LCA Review]* --- *[ION IOC|syseng:Release 2 IOC Review]*
** Release 3: *[ION LCO|Release 3 LCO Review]*

h2. CI Construction Plan

Detailed specification of deliverables and milestones by subsystem and release (directly taken from the OOI Integrated Master Schedule[Release Construction Plan Overview]):

* [CI Construction Plan|syseng:CI Release Construction Plan]
** [*Overview* with explanation of terms and deliverables|syseng:Release Construction Plan Overview]
** *[Release 2|syseng:Release 2 Construction Plan]* --- [Release 3|syseng:Release 3 Construction Plan] --- [Release 4|syseng:Release 4 Construction Plan]

h2. Integrated Observatory Network (ION) Architecture & Design

The OOI ION system architecture, including subsystem and components designs, is available as living documentation online. Please follow the links below.

h3. Current Online Version of Integrated Observatory Architecture and Design

* *[Integrated Observatory Architecture and Design|syseng:Architecture and Design]* (*y) (online version)
** [Integrated Observatory Architecture - Executive Summary|CIAD Executive Summary]
* [ION architecture specification model (Enterprise Architect HTML Export)|] --- most recent export for Release 2
** See [here for setup|CIDEV:Sparx Enterprise Architect] of the server based model and the Enterprise Architect application

h3. Baselined Versions (PDF Export)

* [FDR Variant Baseline, November 2009|^2009-11-30_OOI-CIAD-Export.pdf]
* [Release 1 LCO Baseline, February 2010|^2010-02-23_CI-Architecture_LCO-Baseline.pdf]
* [Release 1 LCA Baseline, August 2010|^2010-08-18_CI-Architecture_LCA_Baseline.pdf]
* [Release 1 OOI Review Baseline, April 2011|^2130-00003_Architecture_Specification_CI_2011-04-12_ver_3.00.pdf]
* [Release 2 LCO Baseline, August 2011|R2 LCO Materials^2130-00003_Architecture_Specification_CI_2011-08-23_ver_4.00.pdf]
* [Release 2 LCA Baseline, March 2012|R2 LCA Materials^2130-00003_Architecture_Specification_CI_2012-03-19_ver_5.00.pdf]
* [Release 2 IOC/OOI Review Baseline, October 2012|R2 IOC Materials^2130-00003_Architecture_Specification_CI_2012-10-25_ver_6.00.pdf]
* [Release 3 IOC Baseline, July 2014|^2130-00003_Architecture_Specification_CI_2014-07-15_ver_8.00.pdf]

h3. [*Design Tutorials*|CIDev:Design Tutorials] (*y)
[!OV1_CapabilityContainer.png|width=242,height=241!|syseng:Architecture and Design]

h2. Integration Activities

* [Cross-IO Product Integration Activities|Cross-IO Product Integration Activities]

h2. CI Historical Documentation

A representative set of the history of the program's documentation describing the User Workshops, Project Objectives, Functions, Architectures and Plans at different phase of the program.

* [syseng:CI Conceptual Architecture] (when the program was called ORION)
* [CIPROD:CI Concept of Operations Documents] (these are actually the current versions of these documents)
* Original UCSD et al [ORION Cyberinfrastructure Proposal|^ORION CI - Technical Management proposal - abridged.pdf]
* [User and Technical Workshops|WS:]

h3. Architecture Relevant Materials

* Architectural Investigations
** [Specifying Interfaces, Transaction Protocols, and Data Models|Specification Rubrik Meeting]
* [Overview Graphics for Engineering, Operations and Design|syseng:System Engineering Overview Graphics] --- partly outdated

h2. CI Software Licensing

* [CI Software Licensing Topics]

h2. CI System Engineering Management Meetings

CI System Engineering meetings are held every Tuesday at 1:00 PM Pacific Time, except when deemed unnecessary. Contact Alan Chave at WHOI for additional information.

[CI SE Management Meeting Notes]

h2. CI Quality Audit Reports

[CI Quality Audit Reports]