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*de-sign col-lec-tion \[dəˈzīn kəˈlek sh ən\]*
A collection of designs and prototypes produced or being worked on by CIUX.

We have completed the designs for Release 2 and are proud to provide you with access to all our design materials. These take the form of illustrations - intended to help you understand what the design will look like and how it will behave - and specifications - technical instructions that detail exactly how it is to be built. While the design should still be considered a plan, we have exposed it both to users and programmers to ensure that it will work for the former and can be built by the latter. Nonetheless, there will be adjustments and changes as it is fully implemented. So, we continue to welcome your feedback and comments on what you see.

You can reach us in a variety of ways:
* Using the Confluence commenting facilities
* [By email|]
* Via the online commenting and markup service [ProofHQ|#proofhq] for the mockups for which we are actively soliciting input
** _At present we are updating the full set of mockups for consistency and accuracy. We will be posting them shortly_
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* [R2 Workflows and User Stories|Attachments^CIUX_R2_Workflows_CI_2012-03-09_v1-00.pdf]
** [Storyboards|ux:R2 Storyboards]
* [R2.0 Functional Design Specification|Attachments^CIUX_R2.0_Functional_Design_Specification_CI_2012-03-09_v1-00.pdf]
* [R2.0 Detailed Design Specification|^CIUX_R2.0_Detailed_Design_Specification_CI_2012-03-09_v0-01.pdf]
** [CIUX Specifications Database|]
* [CIUX Mockups|]
* [R2.0 Storyboards|ux:R2 Storyboards]



h1. Release 2.0 Design Materials

* [R2 Workflows and User Stories|Attachments^CIUX_R2_Workflows_CI_2012-03-09_v1-00.pdf] ([PDF|Attachments^CIUX_R2_Workflows_CI_2012-03-09_v1-00.pdf], [Word|Attachments^CIUX_R2_Workflows_CI_2012-03-09_v1-00.docx])
Outlines and diagrams of workflow sequences with associated user stories and screen flows
** [Related storyboards|ux:R2 Storyboards]

* [R2.0 Functional Design Specification|Attachments^CIUX_R2.0_Functional_Design_Specification_CI_2012-03-09_v1-00.pdf] ([PDF|Attachments^CIUX_R2.0_Functional_Design_Specification_CI_2012-03-09_v1-00.pdf], [Word|Attachments^CIUX_R2.0_Functional_Design_Specification_CI_2012-03-09_v1-00.docx])
High-level specification of principles of organization and interaction underlying the design

* R2.0 Detailed Design Specification ([.pdf|^CIUX_R2.0_Detailed_Design_Specification_CI_2012-03-09_v0-01.pdf]/[CIUX Specifications Database|])
Detailed specification of specific information groupings, layouts and interactions

* R2.0 Design Illustrations and Visual Specifications ([CIUX Illustrations|]/.pdf/ProofHQ)
Pixel-perfect and low-fidelity mockups of screens and panels, animated illustrations of specialized visual behaviors and interactions

h1. Release 2 Interim Materials

* [Design Notebook|ux:UX R2 Design Notebook]
* [Preparatory Materials|ux:R2 Preparatory Materials]


h1. Release 1 Materials

* [R1.0 UX Scope|]
* [R1.0 Functional Design Specification|]
* [R1 Functional Detail Specification|]

h2. Assets

| *Asset type* | *Specification file* | *Image folder* | *Prefix* |
| CIUX Assets database | [CIUX Assets|] | --- | \--\- \\ |
| Workflow | [Specifications (.graffle|]) | [Visuals|] | W |
| Screen | [Specifications (.pptx)|] | [Visuals |] | S |
| Panel | [Specifications (.ai)|] | [Visuals |] | P |
| Icon | Specifications (same as [visuals|]) | [Visuals |] | I |
| Graphic | Specifications (same as [visuals|]) | [Visuals |] | G |
| Visual Treatments | Specifications (same as [visuals|]) | [Visuals|] | --- |