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This page describes the integration of components into a working CI system.

h2. R1 Integration

h3. General

The system integration of Release 1 can be divided into two separate parts:
* Integration of components within a subsystem
* Integration of different subsystems

Integration of components within a subsystem should be handled by the subsystem lead and tests should be added to the automated integration test infrastructure (TBD).

Integration of different subsystems into a combined overall "CI system" is driven by the lead integration engineer with the support of the subsystem team leads.

h3. R1 Integration Plan

In order to facilitate Release 1 Integration, the following integration plan has been created:
* [R1 Integration Plan]

This plan attempts to drive different integration points during the final iteration of release 1 construction.

h2. R2 Integration

A proposed plan for R2 integration, in particular for the elaboration phase is present on: [R2 Integration Plan and Report]