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h2. Overview of "{metadata:Use Case Name}Share an Org Resource{metadata}" Use Case

*{metadata:Description}Work with Org member offering a resource to obtain access to the offering{metadata}*
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|| Use Case Release | R2 ||
|| Use Case Number | 34 ||
|| Original WBS Use Case Name | Share an Org Resource ||
|| R1 Use Case Number | UC.R1.34 ||

h3. Metadata

Refer to the [Product Description] and [Product Description Release 2] pages for metadata definitions.

|| Actors | Resource Contributor (e.g., a Data Provider), Resource User (a [Registered User|]) ||
|| References | [Federated Facility Services|CIDev:Federated Facility Services] \\
[UC.R1.34 Share an Org Resource] ||
|| Uses | [UC.R2.33 Enroll in an Org]
[UC.R2.32 Conduct Negotiation] ||
|| Is Used By | ||
|| Extends | ||
|| Is Extended By | ||
|| In Acceptance Scenarios | [AS.R2.03A Modelers Integrate External Model with OOI] ||
|| Technical Notes | In the simplest case, the Org is the Integrated Observatory Network. ||
|| Lead Team | COI ||
|| Primary Service | Federated Facility Services (Virtual Organization) Part 1 ||
|| Version | 1.1.1 ||
|| UC Priority | 3 ||
|| UC Status | Mapped + Ready ||
|| UX Exposure | ONC ||

h3. Summary

_This information summarizes the Use Case functionality._

{metadata:Detailed Summary}
A member of an Org contributes a resource to that Org (for example the Integrated Observatory Network). The terms under which the resource is provided are defined. Another member finds and requests access to the resource. Depending on the terms, the Org may be able to negotiate access on behalf of the contributor, or may pass the negotiation on to the contributor. The resource use is successfully negotiated, and the requesting member gets access.

h3. Assumptions

* Org exists
* Resource Contributor has rights to a given resource
* Resource User is a Registered User in the Org
* The Org's enrollment contract specifies that a Member contributing a resource commits to responding to negotiations from other Members regarding that resource. (Negotiation role can be delegated to the Org, for example by agreeing to Org's default access rights.)
* Many of the capabilities in the scenario may be implemented via code, rather than via policy.

h3. Initial State

{metadata:Initial State}
All entities exist with appropriate rights; no transactions have taken place.

h2. Scenario for "{metadata-from:Use Case Name}" Use Case

# *A Resource Contributor who wishes to offer a resource for the Org's benefit, contributes (makes available) the resource to the Org.*
# <2> *As authorized by the Org, the Resource Contributor may assert contract conditions on the use of the resource.*
## This process does not mean giving up control of the resource. (Such is possible, but then the ownership of the resource passes to another entity.)
# *The Org registers the resource (including contributor and contract conditions).*
## The Org maintains a listing of all contributed resources and their metadata.
# *The Resource User consults the Org, and finds and selects a contributed resource of interest.*
# *If necessary, the Org introduces the Resource Contributor to the Resource User for the negotiation of use of the resource.*
## This introduction may simply happen by providing the metadata describing the Resource Contributor, and some help guidance as to how to proceed.
# *The requesting and owning Members successfully negotiate use of the resource.*
## The negotiated agreement is registered by all participants.
## The agreement may be satisfied out of band in Release 2 (rather than enabled directly via the Integrated Observatory).
# <2> *The Resource User uses the resource via mediation of the Integrated Observatory.*
## Resource User requests a capability on the resource.
## The resource, or its agent, validates the request.
## \- The user and resource each authenticate each other.
## \- The resource user and resource validate against the contract (authorizations, facts about the contract).
## The resource provides the capability (successfully or otherwise.

h3. Final State

{metadata:Final State}
The resource has been successfully used according to the contract.

h2. Comments

_These comments provide additional context (usually quite technical) for editors of the use case._

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