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*Table of Contents*

h2. Introduction

This Product Description for Release 3 contains describes the intended functionality of the Integrated Observatory Network from user and system developer points of view. This scope is in addition to the [Release 2 scope|CIDev:Product Description Release 2]. For more information about the Product Description content, please see the [Product Description overview page|Product Description].

We present a table containing the [Release 3 Use Cases]. The list of previous use cases can be found in the [Release 1 Product Description|CIDev:Product Description Release 1] and [Release 2 Use Cases].

There will not be Acceptance Scenarios developed for Release 3; their content is addressed by the Release 3 Use Cases, and the [Acceptance Scenarios previously developed for Release 2|Release 2 Acceptance Scenarios].

{info}The contractual scope assigned to Release 3 in the OOI Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) is laid out in the [CI Construction Plan for Release 3|syseng:Release 3 Construction Plan].{info}

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*Working Documentation and Links*
* [Release 3 Use Cases]
* [User Experience materials|UX:OOI CI User Experience]

*Previously Released*
* [Release 2 Use Cases]
* [Release 2 Acceptance Scenarios]
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h2. Release 3 User Themes and Features

h3. User Themes and Users

*Primary Themes*:

* See [OOI Roles Overview|syseng:CIAD AV OOI User Roles Overview].

h3. Feature Categories

The release includes features in the following major categories:

h2. Release 3 Use Case List

The Use Cases explicitly assert the scope of work to be achieved in Release 3. Each Use Case is traced (in DOORS) to CI L4 requirements enabling the use case.

For a status of the use case development, see [Release 3 Use Case Status and Details|CIDev:R3 Use Case Status].

* [Release 3 Use Cases]

h2. Release 3 User Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

h2. Release 3 System Architecture

An architectural description of the Release 2 scope is provided by the [OOI CI Architecture and Design|syseng:Architecture and Design], specifically in the [syseng:CIAD AV Transition to Operations] and [syseng:CIAD AV Scope Release 3] pages. The architectural components and services are designed early during Release 3 to satisfy the Product Description Use Cases.

The following diagram from the Transition to Operations illustrates the components to be developed in this second release, relative to the components that were present in the first release.

!syseng:CIAD AV Transition to Operations^IONReleases-R3.png|width=100%!

h2. Release 3 Browser Support

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