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h2. Introduction

This page lists the Cyberinfrastructure Use Cases for Release 2. Key features of these use cases are summarized at the parent page, [Release 2 Use Cases].

For status of use case development, see the [Release 2 Use Case Status and Details|R2 Use Case Status].

h2. Release 2 Use Case Table

The table below presents the Cyberinfrastructure Use Cases for Release 2.

{metadata-report:Page,Description,UC Priority,UC Status,Lead Team,Primary Service|label=r2-usecase}

h3. Metadata Definitions (Unique to Release 2)

h4. Status

Possible values:

|| Name or Code || Meaning ||
| Ready | Use case is ready for review as final Release 2 Use Case (updating may occur, due to review comments) |
| Mapped | Use case has been mapped to Acceptance Test Scenarios |
| Deprecated | Use case has been deprecated, usually due to redundancy |
| LCA | Indicated ready for LCA-level review |
| A | Indicates Alan C has reviewed |
| M | Indicates Michael M has reviewed and released to Alan C |
| + | Indicates John G has reviewed and released for Michael M |
| Design | Ready for LCO Review |
| Draft | Initial outline of scenario, other material is present |
| Summary | Name and summary section have been filled out |

h4. UX Exposure

This column indicates how much the use case must be exposed to users. Possible values:

|| Acronym || Name || Explanation ||
| EUC | End user console | Requires exposure to an end user |
| ONC | OOI network operator console | Requires exposure to an Integrated Observatory Operator |
| MNC | Marine operator console | Requires exposure to a Marine Observatory Operator or Marine Asset Operator |
| PGM | Programmatic interface | Requires exposure to a software programmer (e.g., a Data Process Programmer) |
| SYS | System functionality | Internal system functionality only, available to other internal system elements |

h4. R1 Use Case Number

If the use case originated in R1, this number is set to the original R1 use case identifier.

{tip:title=(click on # to go to R2 use case)|icon=false}
_[01|UC.R2.01 Acquire Data From External Dataset] -[02|UC.R2.02 Derive Data Product-Deprecated]- [03|UC.R2.03 Produce Real-Time Calibrated Data] [04|UC.R2.04 Browse to Get Data Product] [05|UC.R2.05 Register and Connect Instrument] [06|UC.R2.06 Command Instrument] [07|UC.R2.07 Direct Instrument Access] [08|UC.R2.08 Manage Instrument Lifecycle] [09|UC.R2.09 Activate Instrument Driver] [10|UC.R2.10 Manage Marine Platform] [11|UC.R2.11 Define Marine Observatory Resources and Policy] [12|UC.R2.12 Deploy CI Software On CG Platform] [13|UC.R2.13 Acquire Data From Instrument] [14|UC.R2.14 Monitor an Instrument] [15|UC.R2.15 Qualify Instrument Interface] -[16|UC.R2.16 Install Instrument Automatically-Deprecated]- [17|UC.R2.17 Define Visualization Processing Pipeline] [18|UC.R2.18 Visualize Data Product] [19|UC.R2.19 Produce Matlab Visualization] [20|UC.R2.20 Annotate Resource in Registry]_
_[21|UC.R2.21 Transform Data in Workflow] [22|UC.R2.22 Version Data Set] [23|UC.R2.23 Ingest Data Supplement] [24|UC.R2.24 Search for Resource] -[25|UC.R2.25 Advanced Resource Search-Deprecated]- [26|UC.R2.26 Navigate Resources and Metadata] [27|UC.R2.27 Manage Replicated Archive] [28|UC.R2.28 Manage Resource Metadata] [29|UC.R2.29 Integrate External Dataset] [30|UC.R2.30 Define Interaction] [31|UC.R2.31 Define New Service Interface] [32|UC.R2.32 Conduct Negotiation] [33|UC.R2.33 Enroll in an Org] [34|UC.R2.34 Share an Org Resource] -[35|UC.R2.35 Share Affiliated Orgs' Resources-Deprecated]- [36|UC.R2.36 Create an Org] [37|UC.R2.37 Control Service Interactions] [38|UC.R2.38 Define and Use Resource Life Cycle] [39|UC.R2.39 Manage ION Users] [40|UC.R2.40 Monitor ION Resources]_
_[41|UC.R2.41 Recover Failed Process] [42|UC.R2.42 Define Resource Policy] [43|UC.R2.43 Operate Message Brokers] [44|UC.R2.44 Define Service Type During Runtime] [45|UC.R2.45 Instantiate Service Anywhere During Runtime] [46|UC.R2.46 Operate Integrated Observatory Network] [47|UC.R2.47 Define Executable Process] [48|UC.R2.48 Schedule Process for Execution] [49|UC.R2.49 Deploy Distributed Processes] [50|UC.R2.50 Define Scaling Policy] [51|UC.R2.51 Define Execution Engine] -[52|UC.R2.52 Manage ION Processes-Deprecated]- [53|UC.R2.53 View Modeler-Submitted Products] -[54|UC.R2.54 Access NEPTUNE CA Data-Deprecated]- [55|UC.R2.55 Manage Help Ticket] [56|UC.R2.56 Monitor ION Network] [57|UC.R2.57 Configure Start Page] [58|UC.R2.58 Display Arbitrary Resource] -[59|UC.R2.59 Generate New Screen-Deprecated]- [60|UC.R2.60 Troubleshoot Deployed Instrument]_
_[61|UC.R2.61 Reacquire External Data]     -[27B|UC.R2.27B Manage Replicated Long-Term Archive-Deprecated]-_