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On Wednesday, 1 June 2011 the User Experience Team dons their (in)famous pink flamingo shirts, beginning the Great Northwest User Experience Tour.  Three weeks, three sites, tons of  observations and interviews, lots of data to guide R2 design.

The itinerary:

1 June: Flight to Seattle, drive & ferry to Victoria, British Columbia

2 June - 4 June: Neptune Canada Workshop

5 June: Fun in Victoria

6 June: University of Victoria/Travel to University of Washington

7 June - 9 June: University of Washington

10 June: Data analysis

11 June: Fun in Washington

12 June: Travel to Oregon State University

13 June-15 June: Oregon State University

16 June: Data analysis and tour wrap up

17 June: Travel home

Stay tuned for stories from the road

Gliders are cool.

Today began with the thick heat of an east coast summer and ended eight interview/observations later in the relief of a bone-drenching downpour. We split into two teams of two in various permutations to learn:

  • the ins and outs, ups and downs of a glider operator and glider technician
  • the balance of "ocean observing" (e-science) and at-sea science, outreach education and research, and life as an assistant professor
  • the future of ocean science as imagined by four undergraduate interns (no, it's not all high-tech, on-line, all-the-time)
  • all about social networking in science and technical outreach

We watched gliders being fit with instruments and balanced in the tank. We felt the mounting anticipation of an upcoming antarctic mission and the intense sense of loss as the reality of glider Cook's disappearance sank in.

Between interviews and observations, we dashed back and forth to our "little white house" headquarters (Lipman Learning House) to debrief, begin preliminary data analysis, wolf down a quick lunch, and prepare for the next observations. Evening, a spicy Cajun dinner, securing and backing up data and notes, and finally bed before midnight. A busy day planned for tomorrow.

Did I mention...Gliders are cool. But not as cool as Ocean Science.

Camp Schofield - Day 2

The day began with a thorough and grand tour of the entire Rutger's Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences by none other than Oscar Schofield himself. Our gracious host led us through the building's multitude of laboratories and working spaces, all buzzing with activity and capped with a look at the renowned the Glider program and a visit to the storied COOL room. In the afternoon, the team engaged their first participants, interviewing and observing two operators who work with the HF Radar Currents data and the Remote Sensing Satellite Acquisition data. In the evening, the team gathered and shared their observation notes, developed a data collection management plan, and continued to refine their data collection practices.

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Camp Schofield - Day 1

On the banks of the Raritan River, the OOI CI User Experience team met in person for the first time and set out to develop a common understanding of the design, planning, and operational goals of the OOI cyberinfrastructure, looking over near-term objectives, getting comfortable with collaborative technologies, and becoming familiar with each other. With fearless leader Susanne Jul at the helm, topics ranged from the broad, big-picture ideals of the overarching program to the detailed logistics of daily operations to assignments for Release 1 deliverables and upcoming events. Camp Director Carolanne Fisher lead the campers in developing a general plan for the coming week and how we would proceeed in making observations of the oceanographers and interns to help develop user maps, context maps, key personas, and key contexts.

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